Using signage as creative ideas to improve internal office decorations for your company

interior signage

Office surroundings indoors aren’t what they used to be. Just ten years ago, millions of organizations produced almost identical workplace settings with grey walls and grey carpet, and companies thought nothing of it. The offices’ environment was not meant to be unique at the time. The decor was unobtrusively standard, the finishes understated but elegant, and visual branding mainly was relegated to external identification signage.

The problem is that most employees don’t like their working environment. Studies demonstrate that some employees don’t feel comfortable bringing peers to their office or, in certain situations, their customers. It is vital to ensure that employees have a safe, clean, and relaxing atmosphere, but if you want them to work and be proud of their job, we recommend paying attention to your office interior design.

Types of office signage for your interior

3D Acrylic signBranding

 You can employ office signs to strengthen your brand. Your branding covers things like your logo, fonts, colours, organization’s mission, and strong values. Strong attention to your brand can increase visitors’ brand awareness and assist staff gathers around a similar identity and purpose throughout your office building.

Your logo will be an easy and efficient way to promote your branding. Your logo is one of the most potent displays that you can use to strengthen your brand because it is your company’s sign. You may use your logo to display your business on modest screens, but it is beneficial to have a wall dedicated to an enormous workplace logo.

The first photo is a 3D acrylic branding logo signage from Mayfifth, a boutique in Singapore. The brand utilizes the branding and made it one of the interior designs on their walls. As soon as clients and staff enter your shop, the name and emblem of your company should be embraced. This helps develop brand awareness, confidence, and awareness. One of our clients’ most preferred workplace signs is three-dimensional signs at the entry and lobby areas. These signs are easy to install, professional, and long-term. Materials such as plastic, metal, or acrylic can be used for your office signs. In combination with the correct lighting, they can improve your office’s overall aesthetic drastically.

information lightbox signageInformation

Office signage should provide visitors and staff with information to navigate your building conveniently and learn the appropriate topics. For example, you may use an office sign to remind staff of vital safeguards in certain places, or you can display the direction to go to the main meeting room.The most significant spot to post your office hours is also your front door. If you get to the door when your office is closed, you will soon see when you should come back. Since front doors are generally glass, you may like to use an etched glass decal for this purpose.

With personalized office signs, you may explicitly mark rooms and create them with your building’s naming rooms, wings, or common areas. Try to come up with names that link up to your firm or the city you live in. You may also incorporate an office building directory with personalized signs to help visitors and staff find the room they want. In addition to more personal identification of your building, you can also enhance your branding by using typeface and colours that match your brand. You can even add your logo. The second signage photo is a an information lightbox that is customized for Singapore General Hospital. They decided to use lightbox to showcase their department’s vision and mission for customers to see on their wall. This is one of the best usage of lighbox signage for your building interior because it is illuminated and is more visible at night.

wall art mural sticker signageArtwork

Office graphics can also be used to improve your area with the artwork. Many employees believe that art helps reduce stress in the workplace. You can always buy hangings around your office, but if you want to encourage your staff, you make bespoke artwork directly related to your firm’s objective. The third picture shows our customer’s place that had been decorated with an art mural sticker. It gives a nice and sophisticated touch to their place. 

You can use mural stickers to decorate your office wall with arts or any visual related to your company. This material is more sustainable and easy to remove, so you don’t need much care for it. Instead of waiting weeks for an artist to paint a mural, a vinyl mural can be applied in minutes. Once the mural sticks to your wall, it can last nearly eternally. If you ever relocate or choose to update your office, you may remove the old wall effortlessly and replace it with a new wall.

Another concept for an office wall is to pay honour to the history of your organization. For example, from their earliest offers to the present, a car manufacturer may design a timeline for their most popular models. A municipal office could build murals of their city and its inhabitants’ old photos. A maquillage company may showcase some of its vintage adverts over the decades. You can also utilize data and statistics in graphs to show how much your company has grown since it began.


Indoor office signs can provide your firm with various advantages. Graphics and signage can be implemented in your office to strengthen your brand, give guidance and help you customize different sections. You can utilize them outside to capture your company’s attention or inside to improve the environment.

The sign professionals at Style Adv helped numerous company owners improve their office’s overall design and feel. There are many various alternatives when it comes to company signs. Our experts can help you identify the most acceptable options to capture the essence of your company based on your needs and budget.

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