Are Acrylic Signages Only for Logos?

acrylic signage singapore

Acrylic signage is popular in a variety of industries in Singapore due to its professional appearance and low cost. The sleek, polished appearance of acrylic gives signage an exquisite appearance that indicates a company has put a lot of attention into its signage.

Signage is an excellent method to enhance the professional and sophisticated appearance of any space. Acrylic is one of the most adaptable substrates available to businesses seeking to increase their advertising and decorative efforts. The material is constructed of a multi-functional plastic sheet with a glossy finish. Acrylic has a wide range of applications, making it a popular choice for businesses looking to use a variety of signages. Whether you need indoor or outdoor signage, acrylic can accommodate whatever visuals you require.

Check out the following usage of acrylic signage:

Showroom signage

Businesses that organise auctions or sell high-end products frequently use acrylic signage to emphasise the most tempting items for sale. Businesses that run a car dealership, for example, may frequently strategically put acrylic signage near cars that a dealer is attempting to sell. The signage will bring attention to the vehicles while also offering information such as make, model, year, and other pertinent information.

menu signage singaporeMenu boards

If you work in the foodservice industry, acrylic can be used to make huge menu boards that hang behind service counters. Acrylic graphics make menu items stand out to people watching the board, increasing the ordering experience for customers.

Trade show exhibits

The shiny, eye-catching character of acrylic signage makes it an excellent choice for trade exhibitions. At a trade fair, you’ll be competing for attendees’ attention, so standing out from the crowd is critical. You can be certain that personalised acrylic signage will catch the attention of passers-by and make your firm appear professional.

acrylic signage singaporeRetail advertising

If you own a retail store and want to attract walk-in clients from the street or help loyal customers find your store easily, you should utilise personalised acrylic signs. Because acrylic signage can accommodate both internal and external illumination, your message will always be able to reach customers, day or night.

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