Acrylic signage for your Singapore shop: Is it worth it?

acrylic signage singapore

Acrylic signage is an excellent approach to increase the amount of people who visit your establishment. They not only pique people’s interest in your company, but also ensure that they understand your products well, therefore, increasing the chance for your sale. Acrylic signage can be a powerful tool to gain a firm grip on advertising and bring in a large number of customers in a short period of time.

They are easily customised. As a result, they are a top choice for many clients across the country. Without breaking the bank, acrylic signage would not only market your business nicely, but would also bring you a huge number of customers, giving a high return on investment on getting one.

Not yet convinced? Well, read on. In this blog, we list the benefits of having an acrylic signage:

acrylic signage singapore

Lightweight and durable

One of the most important characteristics of acrylic signage is its durability. As a result of the sturdy plastic, it is resistant to all types of weather, making it perfect for both outdoor and indoor signage. While acrylic is a tough material, it is lighter in weight than glass, making it easier to attach. Because of these qualities, acrylic can survive longer than other signage materials. Which, in this case, is an important element to keep in mind when creating advertisements and signage for businesses.

Acrylic Can Be Made to Fit Almost Any Setting

Acrylic is simple to hang for indoor wall signage. It adds a sophisticated makeover to any retail or office space, transforming interior walls into brand ambassadors and establishing a professional and consistent tone. Large scale images printed on acrylic and affixed to walls are frequently used by lifestyle brands, boutique retail stores, and restaurants to set the mood for fun, romance, or other brand positions. Most importantly, the low cost of acrylic allows everyone, including new businesses, start-ups, and franchises with several locations, to invest in long-lasting signage that creates a good first impression while keeping costs low.

acrylic signage singaporeAttractive And Professional

Acrylic signages throughout Singapore provide businesses a professional and appealing image. It is largely employed in a company’s advertising and marketing. This is due to the fact that it is one of the most lasting and dependable items available. When utilised as a backdrop for plain text in a company logo, the glass-like transparency of acrylic appears appealing. They also create fantastic staff desk nameplates to provide a sophisticated touch to the office.

Create your signage with Style Adv

Finally, personalised acrylic signage can be used in any type of business, including department stores, executive offices, hotels, restaurants, and apparel franchises. Today, most staff or office tower nameplates are constructed of acrylic since it is less expensive and more durable than glass while providing the same texture. Style Adv will provide you with custom acrylic signages in Singapore in order to properly showcase your brand.

Style Adv is the expert in custom signage making in Singapore. We’ll handle everything for you, from the initial site inspection to the final installation – and our team of professionals can assist you in developing a really unique and innovative custom signage design that suits your requirements. Check out our products here and contact us NOW for a FREE quote!

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