Attract Diners with Your Outdoor Restaurant Signage

restaurant signage

Nobody knows how competitive the restaurant sector is better than you. Profit margins are razor-thin, new competitors emerge every month, and you’re always seeking methods to stay ahead of the competition.

Getting people to come into your restaurant and sit at your tables is one of the most difficult issues for restaurant owners. Fortunately, signage is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your restaurant.

In this post, we’ll go over the best ways for your business to use outdoor signage for maximum impact, as well as which types of signs are best for marketing.

restaurant signageAdvertise During the Day and at Night

Marketing does not end when the sunsets. Purchase illuminated signage to advertise your business after dark and even after it has closed. LED signage is brighter than traditional lights and can be seen in direct sunshine and through glass windows. They also utilise half the energy of traditional neon signs and are safer.

restaurant signage singaporeWindow decals 

A window decal improves the appearance of your business and draws attention to it. A window decal can be scaled to any size. If you like, it can take up the entire window. Furthermore, they last far longer than a sheet of paper. It can display your logo, some signature meals or drinks, advertise forthcoming events, or be more thematic in order to demonstrate the type of environment and flare your customers can expect when they sit at your tables.

restaurant signage singaporeMaintain your visibility 

Your signage in Singapore should be visible at all times. This includes patio easels, company logos, sidewalk signage, neon signage, and all other restaurant signage. However, there are a few more factors to consider when selecting signage to advertise your business. Keep your restaurant signage tall and visible so that anyone strolling or driving by may see it. If you’re in a touristy region, think about investing in billboards, roadside signage, or car-top signs to stimulate the interest of hungry travellers.

Change Up Your Signage 

We’ve all seen the restaurant in town with the same sign up every day of the year for years. It appears ragged, outdated, and out of step with modern design. Don’t allow that to happen to you. Change your signage on a regular basis, either with new offers you’re offering, when new seasons arrive, or even as the months’ change. Make every effort to keep your signs current and intriguing. In this manner, even repeat clients will notice you changing things up and keeping your signs fresh and new.

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