How to Use Signage as a Marketing Tool For Your Company

signage marketing

When it comes to marketing, you can never rely on one method only. You must market your company in various methods like advertisements, sales promotions, social media, your website, and signage. Signage is an often overlooked part of the shopping experience in this digital age. However, keep in mind that your company’s signage can have just as much influence as your website.

Your company is more than just a logo, some products, and some services. It’s a complete experience. Consumers’ interactions with you will be determined by how you promote your business. Exterior and interior signage are some of the tactics that many business owners find to be beneficial. Signage is less expensive than other forms of marketing because it can provide you with consistent exposure at all times of the day and can be utilised for an extended period. You’ll need a beautiful design as well as important information about your company. And there are a few pointers you should keep in mind when creating these signs.

Understanding objective

wall sticker signageSigns can act as a silent marketer for your company. Maybe you’ll need directional signage to help people find your store. Or maybe you’d want to promote a deal or an upcoming event. Perhaps you’re attempting to persuade people to visit your place. Once you’ve determined your objective, you may start planning details, such as the size of the signs. You’ll also want to think about the materials they’ll be built of.

Must-know details are included.

Consider what information people will need to take away from the sign once you’ve decided on an objective. It’s not only about what your company does; it’s also about how it differs from competitors. So, on that sign, write your company’s name and a message. But it’s with that message that you’ll need to be imaginative. If you have a restaurant, you can consider what kind of symbol or picture of food that your restaurant specialises in.

Make your designs unique.

signageGet creative with the sort of signage you choose, in addition to the language and images you use. For example, if your town prohibits huge signs, you may use stickers or vehicle decorations instead. You must discover a strategy to differentiate yourself from the other businesses in your town! It’s best if you can be as creative as possible with your sign. Find a way to make your signage distinctive, such as a phrase that relates to your business.

Branding consistency

Consistent branding is crucial. You should make sure that any signage you create is in line with your entire brand. This way could include a logo, font choice, tagline, or other visual aspects of a similar nature. People will know your brand if you utilise consistent branding, whether they’re looking at your social media or one of your signs. While your marketing materials do not have to be identical, there should be some form of the common element(s) that connect them all.


signageYou’ll need to consider where you’ll place the sign. It’s not enough to have an attractive sign! The size and appearance of your sign will be influenced by where it is placed. Make sure the sign is simple enough for passers-by to grasp what you’re advertising. It will also help to promote your brand if you use your logo and message on the sign. Bright signs promoting the sale on the nearby busy route attract attention and alert people to the event. Someone may not require your services right now, but they are more likely to remember you in the future if they are exposed to your services regularly.

Get assistance from experts!

Finally, don’t feel obligated to accomplish anything on your own. There are professionals who have worked on producing the appropriate signs for a business. Here at Style Adv, we can walk you through your company’s requirements and assist you in creating signage for your place! Style Adv provides a wide range of services, from sign design to sign maintenance. We also provide free consultations to help you figure out what you want to do with your signage! 

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