Guide to Set Up Hawker Stall in Singapore 2021

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A significant element of Singapore’s experience is the Hawker Stall Centres. Singapore’s culinary scene is excellent because local people adore food. Great stall companies are mushrooming over the country to service this growing need. In recent years, Singapore’s skilled industry has made plenty of headways, with youthful, ambitious chefs breathing new life into the local F&B area instead of retired skilled hawkers. 

Singapore hopes to become the gourmet centre of the Asian area. Government organisations have recognised the importance of this objective and established incentives to improve food safety for hawker stall enterprises. The Government of Singapore knows fully how essential the F&B landscape is for the local people. This article helps you get a taste of the fascinating business if you wish to dive into this up-and-coming field with bright potential.

The Stages to Own a Stall in Singapore

 1. Make sure you are eligiblehawker signageTo apply for a stall, you must be a citizen or permanent resident of Singapore. Furthermore, you must be 21 or older and have a solid financial background. If you have declared bankruptcy, suspended licences or already de-recorded, you will not be entitled to do this. In a single hawker centre, you can run more than two cooked food kiosks. You are applying for a hawker licence, but it is recommended that you first start building a company established in Singapore.

2. Get yourself certified and obtain your Hawker Stall License

You should take the Basic Food Hygiene Course (BFHC), comprising 6 hours of course work and 1.5 hours of evaluation, which must be performed by everyone handling prepared food. Then all of your food managers must be registered with the NEA. You are now eligible for the Hawker Stall License when you have obtained a hawker stall facility and had your food managers registered.

Submit to the NEA Service Center your original NRIC and a copy of the tenancy contract, your BFHC certificate and the licencing price payment. Furthermore, this is only for stalls owned by government hawkers. If you run a food store at a private grocery store, you should apply for a Food Stall licence. Read more details about this here.

3. Setting up your hawker’s stallhawker signage

Now that you get what is needed for opening your stall. It’s time to have your booth ready on the site. The most important thing to make your stall stand out is by using signage. If you already have a brand name, make sure you use the brand as one of the attractive points on the sign! In this generation, hawker sign boards reflect that minimalism is valued. 

More hawker stall owners just choose to have their business name and logo in the panel, and only very few food pictures are used. In this period, there is less stuff on signboards. The hawker’s signs can also be bilingual and include food photos on their signage. The panel’s background usually uses different colours, such as yellow, green and red, to make it more straightforward and stand out for customers to see. There are many types of signage to be chosen as your signage. The most famous one will be lightbox signage as it is very convenient for day and night use. Illuminated lightbox signage is suitable, especially at nighttime, because it can attract your customers to see your signage and check what your stall offers.

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