Signage Tips to Attract Customers to your Restaurant!

restaurant signage

Having unique, recognizable branding assets is one of the most crucial things to have for marketing your business, regardless of how you choose to do it. Logos, colour combinations, fonts, and slogans are examples of branding assets that are used to promote your company. Restaurants and cafés are no different, but there are a few things to keep in mind when designing signage for them. While outstanding cuisine and customer service are important, it’s usually the signage that gets customers in the door. In this article, we’ll discuss the various variables to consider while creating your restaurant sign so that it has the greatest impact. Let’s get started!

Begin on the outside.

outside restaurant signage

The signage above your restaurant’s door is the first indicator to visitors of how diligently your business maintains its standards – and an out-of-date, dirty, or broken sign isn’t a good advertisement for the state of your food processing areas. Having the sign updated from time to time and restoring broken lettering and lightbulbs is a terrific idea to make sure your customers can always notice your standards of excellence. Put the restaurant’s name or emblem on the building or area, as well as the pylon sign if it’s in a shopping center. Use eye-catching graphics in the windows. Use signage to direct guests to the restaurant if it is off the regular path, such as in the back of a retail complex or down a flight of stairs. Customers worry about accessibility and will prefer to go somewhere else if a business is difficult to find. Use simple language and arrows, and don’t be hesitant to ask feedback from customers and make changes if the original solution isn’t working.

Continue the customer experience indoors

restaurant menu standeeWhen customers are in the restaurant, the signage and visuals on display might help them to have a better experience. Digital menu boards and kiosks near waiting areas can advertise discounts, show off-menu items, and inspire viewers to explore new options to reduce perceived waiting time in a fast-casual atmosphere. Glass partitions and half-walls with frosted vinyl or patterns help create seclusion between booths and tables. Branding is extended to the interior décor with wall graphics and murals. Consider wrapping tabletops for a distinctive look. Printed table tents can list upcoming holiday hours, promote special events, or offer day-of-the-week specials as customers wait for their food at their tables or drinks at the table.

Effective Use of Images and Typography

choga korean restaurant signageIt’s common practice to utilize signs to provide additional design cues so that customers know what to expect. Adding a burger, pizza, national flag, or other visual aid to your logo can help to categorize your otherwise ambiguous-titled eatery. You might also utilize typography to transmit this information for a more subtle approach. The font design on your sign can reveal a lot about the type of food and drink you provide. For example, a Choga Korean Restaurant uses the colour of the South Korean National flag in their logo to show that they specialize in Korean food.

Hire an Expert

ch Poh clinic singapore 3d acrylic signage installation backlitHiring an expert will, of course, yield the best results. Engaging the proper company can help alleviate some of the burdens while you focus on operating your business, from local marketing agencies to organizations that specialize in supplying signs and visual designs.

At the end of the day, your signage is one of your most fundamental marketing tools, and it is often your establishment’s first ambassador. You can make sure that your restaurant or café is correctly positioned in the public mind. You continue to attract potential customers interested in what you have to offer by getting it right.

If you are looking to install some brand-new signs throughout your business premises, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts today!

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