Signage Design Elements that You Need to Keep in MIND!

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It’s common to focus on what’s outside the facility, but your signage shouldn’t stop there!  It’s an important part of your customer experience!

There are many sign types and styles on the market. Here are a few general design details to consider:

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  • Lettering: Keep an eye on the fonts you’re using. Do you prefer something with a slimmer profile or something with more depth? To extend the signs from the wall, use thicker letters or standoffs. There are numerous options available. Pick what works best for your company.

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  • Materials: Acrylic, metal, glass, and vinyl are common materials for signs. Metal can be moulded into almost any font or shape and painted in any colour. Aluminium is ideal for smaller signs because it is more expensive for larger ones. Acrylic can also be painted a custom colour or a standard set of pigmented colours can be selected. Pigmented acrylic has the advantage of not rusting, chipping, or peeling. The type of sign you use will be determined by the location of the sign, the message being delivered, and your overall brand look. If you’re willing to pay for it, you can get almost any look you want.

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  • Illumination: Illuminating your signage through front- or back-lit lettering is a great way to draw the eye.  These are the most popular: lightbox or cabinet signs, front-lit channel letter signs, reverse-lit channel letter signs, often called halo-lit, neon signs, and externally-lit signs. The illumination is created by LED fitted inside each letter.  It is important to choose tested LEDs and to fit correctly to ensure an even glow. Open channel lettering is a wonderful choice if you want your sign to have a classic feel. Each letter is faceless, and the neon tube or LED is visible.

If you are looking to install some brand-new signs throughout your business premises, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts today!

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