Signage for Your Shop in Singapore: How to Make it a Head-turner 


When customers walk into your store, your shop signage is one of the first and last things they will see before leaving. It is the signage that directs the flow of consumer traffic within your brick-and-mortar store, and if it is not done correctly, it may cause a great deal of confusion on the sales floor. In order for your company to successfully attract consumers and route them around your store in an efficient and profitable manner, you must first become competent in the fine art of store signage.

Examine the many types of store signage and explain how to create and set up signage that will attract customers’ attention to your business or organisation. Here are a few things to look out for: 

neon signage SingaporeClarity

You need to be specific in what you want to communicate to your clients.

Consumers will constantly struggle to understand the precise meaning of your signage, and if your signage is unclear, you will certainly lose the interest of your target audience. It is critical that your store’s signage is in line with the entire look, vibe and atmosphere of the establishment. This means your store’s administrative employees will need to carry the same message when serving your customers. It is recommended that you have a visual signage system in place to remind them about the verbal instructions aligned with your company message. 

Identifying and understanding different types of customers

The most popular consumers in your target market should be identified, and special indicators should be chosen to express the attributes and features of your ideal client in the most effective manner possible. Such signage will significantly increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

acrylic signage singaporeUse the right sign for the right function

These guidelines will assist you in determining the most appropriate kind of signage to use in your retail company setting. Larger signage is normally preferable for retail establishments that offer refreshments, information, or safety advice, among other things. Smaller signage is often used to advertise products for sale or to display items that cannot be seen clearly without moving around your shop.

Make use of a well-known brand name.

Although having a prominent brand name on your store signage will help to attract prospective customers, you must keep in mind that consumers can easily become distracted by anything else, such as eye-catching designs. The majority of customers will notice your business signage, stroll right through to a product, and then walk right out without purchasing anything.

3D Acrylic signage singaporeGet a grip on colour theory

Colour schemes should be thoroughly understood prior to the construction of signage. While every business and individual will have their own colour preferences, there are often appropriate colours depending on the branding and the type of your business. The most important thing to remember when choosing a colour for your signage is to start with the assumption that you will really use it, which means choosing a colour that you would also appear in your store setting. This will help you avoid the discomfort of having a bad paint job done on your fresh new signage, and it will ensure that you get the precise colour that you want for your signage.

Accessibility and Directional Guidance (and safety)

Let’s examine the outer aspects of your company. A brick-and-mortar storefront welcomes customers inside. This is usually approached by the front entrance and the inner sidewalk. The sort of signage you should employ depends on the area’s width and height. Foot traffic is heavier, especially on the lower storefronts. The additional foot activity should help the consumer find what they are looking for more quickly.

You can start making your shop signage NOW!

The way you use signage can make or break your customer’s experience in your store. From the chalk signage outside your store’s front entrance to the directional signage indicating where the exit is, each sign must be concise, humorous, easy-to-see (for all customers), and consistent with your brand’s image and message. Remember the many different applications for store signage and put sophisticated methods such as colour theory and font to work in your store to ensure that your shop signage never fails to impress. Style Adv is the expert in making signages. Contact us now for a FREE quotation!

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