Pillar Wrap for Your Next Advertisement? What is it and Why Should You Use it

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When walking through malls or other public spaces, one can’t help but notice the big advertisement hoardings that are affixed to the pillars, these are called pillar wraps. The fact that many businesses in Singapore are rushing to secure these advertising places demonstrates their understanding that a well-designed pillar wrap can be extremely effective in drawing customers. The massive visibility of the pillar wraps proves useful in running an effective marketing strategy. 

If you want to market your product or service in a shopping mall, convention centre or airport (or anywhere else along the road or highway), at payment toll booths, schools or colleges (or anywhere else), pillar wrap (also known as a column wrap) is an excellent option. Wrapping your pillars, poles, and columns in stickers can transform them into a great advertising medium for your business. Pillar wraps are very visible and distinguishable from the rest of the room. Here are various ways in where you can maximize the use of your columns to your advantage!!

pillar wrap SingaporeAdvertising

People gather in larger facilities such as airports, hospitals, and music halls. So many ways to attract the attention of prospective buyers! When pillars are plain and undecorated, people tend to overlook them; but, when they are covered with vibrant graphics, people take note of them more readily. Unlike advertisements on flat walls, adverts atop wrapped columns are typically even more obvious.


Column wraps are also a great way to promote your company’s logo and identity. Their contents can contain your logo, brand colours, images of your products or services, your goal statement, and much more. As you can see, there are a variety of ways in which your columns could be beneficial to you. Pillar wraps can be particularly effective in reinforcing your brand or message when they are used in conjunction with a designated environment.

pillar wrap singaporeShort-term advertising

Through the use of pillar wrap, one can create short-term marketing plans that are visually appealing. Shops and showrooms might use stickers or banners with information about an upcoming event or a limited-time discount offer to draw attention to the occasion. Afterwards, these can be strategically put around pillars to allow visitors to see the banners from a variety of perspectives. A lot of businesses are opting for the pillar wrap since they have discovered that it is quite successful for short-term marketing campaigns. The main points of the of adverts can be simply printed and shown in an effective manner. In many cases, these have become the accepted standard for advertising and may be found in a variety of different types of firm marketing policies.

Directional signage

Column wraps are also ideal for displaying directions. Considering the size of your facilities and the fact that you are planning a large event, have you considered how your attendees would move across your building or campus? Several columns have been wrapped to direct people to various locations, including registration booths, auditoriums, restrooms, and other amenities. The possibilities are virtually limitless!

Let’s make sure your next announcement is plastered in pillars NOW!

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