8 Steps to Build Your Outdoor Business Signage in Singapore

Outdoor Business Signage singapore
For businesses, designing and installing outdoor business signage is a fun but time-consuming process. Hence, StyleAdv, the best signage company in Singapore, is here to assist you with the 8 steps to building your own outdoor business signage.
  1. Determine Your Business Signage’s Purpose
Establishing the strategic purpose of outdoor business signage is the first step in creating it effectively. Business signage can be used to promote foot traffic to your establishment, communicate the cost of your products or services, or even merely to showcase your brand’s creativity.
  1. Examine Local Business Signage Laws
It’s time to do some research on Singapore’s signage laws and regulations bearing in mind the intended use of your signages. The Singaporean government may need a detailed plan for your signages before issuing a permit. However, at this early stage of the signage process, the objective is simply to understand the local laws that have an impact on how you can create and locate your company’s signs. StyleAdv‘s professionals can provide you with guidance on this for your outdoor business signage with our comprehensive knowledge of signage rules and regulations.
  1. Determine Signage Location
You can now conduct an audit of your business’s property to find the best location for your signage using your newfound understanding of the Singapore signage laws. Awnings, pylons, and stone monuments are a few examples of the structures on which outdoor business signages can be located. The professionals at StyleAdv can assist you in choosing the best placement for your signage so that customers will be drawn to the company’s products and services right away.
  1. Select the Best Signage Type and Material
You can choose from a variety of outdoor business signage options for your business, including Lightbox Signage, 3D Acrylic Signage, and Neon Signage. There are benefits to each kind of signage. For instance, a Neon Signage is the best signage to target younger people, as they are easily attracted by the colours and often take Neon Signage as a photobooth. When people take photos of your business signage and share on social media, you get free publicity! On the other hand, a Lightbox Signage lights up your business logo which helps your business to be visible day and night. Here, you can find more inspiration for your business’s signage type and material in Singapore. Other examples of the top signage choices for Singaporean business owners can be found here.
  1. Design your Business Signage
Now to the fun part. Your outdoor business signage design is a chance to highlight the unique logo and colour palette of your brand. Additionally, it provides a chance to grow revenue significantly and draw in new clients. The design or visibility of a business’s signage helps to increase sales for about 60% of businesses in Singapore. The average boost in sales was about 10%, which makes the expense of professionally designed outdoor business signage well worth it. At StyleAdv, we work with you step-by-step, from consultation, On-Site Measurement, Custom Design, BCA Artwork Approval, Fabrication, Custom Made Sign & Lightbox, Electric Wiring, Signage Delivery to Sign Installation.
  1. Apply Business Signage Permit
Now that you have a plan for your signages, it’s time to apply for a permission with the Singaporean government. As mentioned earlier, Singapore has certain requirements for outdoor business signage, including the size and style of the writing, the structure’s dimensions, and the size of the copy area.
  1. Produce the Signage
It’s time to build your signage after the Singapore government gives the project the go-ahead. With our cutting-edge technologies and print management infrastructure, StyleAdv‘s experienced signage makers can help you with the fabrication process of any form of outdoor business signage you are creating.
  1. Install the Signage
The signage must also be professionally installed for maximum durability and visibility. We advise choosing a professional signage company in Singapore to ensure your outdoor business signage is error-free and has the best visibility possible utilising appropriate best practices and safety regulations.
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StyleAdv’s team is professional, reliable, committed, and positive. We are always devoted to providing satisfaction to help YOU and YOUR BUSINESS achieve maximum results and effectiveness in Singapore. Contact us NOW and let us help you step-by-step in creating your outdoor business signage!

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