6 Typefaces for your Business Signage in Singapore

Typefaces for your Business Signage

Letter shapes, often known as typefaces, have their own characteristics that radiate to the audience’s minds, just like colours do. Choosing the incorrect typefaces for your business signage in Singapore can send the wrong message to your audience, hence typefaces are important for customers to understand the services you offer. These are the 6 recommended typefaces for your business signage in Singapore.

1. Serif

One of the common typefaces for your business signage in Singapore is Serif. Almost all of the letters were carved into stone or clay during the Greek-Roman era, which is when the Serif typeface originated. At that time, letter artists added horizontal carvings called Serif at the end of each letter to make it look neater. Serif typefaces for your business signage convey professionalism, maturity, formality, and elegance. Romantic feelings are conveyed using an Italic Serif typeface while still retaining its original vibe. Bold Serif typeface has a stronger and sturdy vibe.

2. Slab Serif / Egyptian

Slaf Serif or the Egyptian typefaces for your business signage provide a powerful, substantial, and robust image. This typeface won’t look good in Italic mode because it will feel unstable. This typeface is a variation of the Serif typeface. The Slab Serif is better suited for building and construction businesses as well as suppliers of building supplies in Singapore.



3. Bodoni / Modern Serif

Bodoni is another variation of the Serif typefaces for your business signage. Compared to normal Serif typeface, this one is a little more graceful, feminine, and modern. You must exercise caution when utilising this typeface for your business signage in Singapore because it has a stem that ranges from extremely thin to extremely thick, making it challenging to create 3D business signage. For modern, unisex, and fashion brands in Singapore, it is recommended to use this typeface.

4. Sans Serif

Sans Serif typefaces for your business signage in Singapore are the most modern and adaptable. Sans Serif typeface in a medium weight will give your business signage a modern, subtle, and elegant feel. Bold San Serif can take the role of Slab Serif, whereas Thin San Serif displays flexibility, femininity, and romance. The typefaces for your business signage are suitable in Singapore if your business is a high-tech industry.

5. Script

Script is another typeface for your business signage. Asian people utilized brushes to write in a typeface known as Script. Due to the current popularity of industrial and retro interior design trends in Singapore, Script typeface is currently trendy. Script typefaces are romantic, feminine, traditional, and elegant. All uppercase letters should not be used while using this typeface for your business signage, since it will make your business signage look unprofessional.

  1. Decorative

Decorative typefaces for your business signage is one that was created to fulfill particular requirements. Depending on the shape itself, the meaning might be fairly broad. A letter can be transformed into a decorative typeface by merging one or more symbols together. Although not prescriptive, the given character implementations can serve as a general framework. The use of typefaces for your business signage in Singapore should be consistent with the fact that letters can make up words. Words and typography used together will convey a powerful message about your business and brand.


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