What is An Effective Signage for Business in Singapore?

Effective Signage
A business needs to be well-considerate of the design of its signage in order to stand a chance of being competitive in the Singapore market. Effective signage takes into consideration elements such as appropriate font types, font sizes and colour contrast in design as well. It represents the business’ first impression and plays a role in the business operation. In this post, the pros of effective business signage are as follows:
  1. Portray Business’ Identity

Effective business signage could sometimes be associated with pictorial marks that make the business more identifiable in Singapore. A recognizable image is used which makes the business more unique and memorable than wordmarks that are less likely to draw the attention of passersby. The unique color, size, and design of the business signage make it effective in enabling customers to differentiate themselves and their competitors in Singapore. For example, the signage we did for CH Poh Digestive & Liver Clinic (photo below) portrays the stomach structure and emphasizes that it is medical-based on the nature of business, making it unique and distinct from other clinics.

Effective Signage

  1. Attract Attention of Passersby
A great first impression could be embedded with effective business signage used in Singapore. Eye-catchy, interesting and effective business signage could be able to draw attention, which makes people have a desire to have a look at or try out the products or services provided by the business. This would help businesses to get traffic in Singapore. Therefore, effective business signage is especially helpful when the business is a new entrant to the market in Singapore.
  1. Increase Brand Exposure
Good-looking and effective business signage is able to boost brand exposure among the passerby, especially when the business is newly established, and its logo is absolutely new to the market in Singapore. This would boost curiosity among the public regarding the nature of the business, and increase the footfalls to the shop. From there, the brand is exposed indirectly and even creates a Word of Mouth effect about the existence of new branding in the Singapore market. Hence, effective business signage would able to help a business to grow in Singapore.

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