When should Neon Signage be considered?

Neon Signage

Neon signage is an undeniable favourite among businesses in Singapore and is frequently used since it is brightly glowing and can draw attention. And you might be one of them who is fascinated by glowing neon lights and wanted to apply them to your signage. Keep reading to find out whether your signage is suitable for neon design in Singapore and under what situation it can be considered.

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1. Shows High Visibility

Neon can boost the visibility of the business and make it stand out among businesses surrounding it in Singapore. Due to its high illumination, it enables signage to be seen even from a far distance, making passersby notice the presence of the business rather than the business or shops just a few feet nearby. If a business or shop plans to operate on a busy street and be eye-catching during the night in Singapore, then neon signage would be the best to be selected. Neon signage can release the vibe that the business is still on hold, and a lively atmosphere is right there. This makes business hard to neglect, especially in the darkness; the bold brightness would guide customers to the business in Singapore.


2. Lower Energy Consumption

Neon light is more energy efficient and cost-effective than a conventional bulb. Neon signage functions in a way that light is produced through the interaction of electricity with gas, which consumes less electricity. It requires less energy to function than a traditional bulb would do within the same operating time. Due to less energy consumed, neon signage would be a great choice if the business is planning to operate for longer hours or even all a time 24-hours being functional in Singapore. This enables a lower operating cost for the business while embedding an impressive image among the passersby in Singapore. Neon signage usage can amount to greater profitability and support eco-friendly commitment since it is more durable and reduces landfill waste in Singapore.


3. Create Own Style

Neon signage comes in many shapes and designs, differentiating it from nearby shops or businesses in Singapore. The glass tube of neon light is bendable. Therefore, it gives freedom in shaping the neon signage that meets the business aesthetic. Neon light also comes with a wide array of vivid colours that could fit the different themes accordingly by choosing colours that are highly matchable with the business nature in Singapore. It enables the business to create its own identity and be recognized by more people in Singapore.

(Style Adv Product: Neon Signage)


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