Outdoor Signage Guidelines according to the Singapore Law (URA)

Outdoor Signage Guidelines & URA singapore
Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is the governing body that is in charge of overseeing all forms of signages put up there. Businesses can view detailed outdoor signage guidelines on their official website to learn what they can and cannot do. Authorities in Singapore treat business and advertising signage differently. According to the outdoor signage guidelines from URA, in conserved structures, business signage is permitted, but not advertising signages. In some situations, buildings that are situated along the chosen advertising route are permitted to display advertising signage.
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Business Signages vs. Advertisement Signages
Business signages display a business’s name, a brief description of the company, the name of a person who works there, or details about the company and its location. The business’s logo, name, symbol, slogan, or other easily recognisable elements are also part of the business signage as stated in the outdoor signage guidelines from URA.
Advertising signage, however, exclusively highlights specific products, services, items, events, and brands. An advertisement sign could also include the company’s logo.
Outdoor Signage Guidelines in Conservation Areas
Singapore’s historical sites, buildings, and other conserved areas can assist businesses in reaching their target market without worrying about geographical restrictions. Millions of tourists travel to Singapore each year as it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Therefore, building signage according to the outdoor signage guidelines from URA and locating it in conservation areas helps to direct visitors to their business location. This helps businesses to have a unique chance to promote their brands and products to both locals and visitors.
In Singapore, outdoor signage guidelines from URA includes size, location, and use of business signages; in most cases, they allow business signages with some form of advertising as well as small independent advertisements in conservation areas. The outdoor signage guidelines from URA states that all advertising signage, whether it is used alone or in conjunction with business signages, must be appropriate for the location and beneficial to readers.
In the outdoor signage guidelines, business signages used on buildings shouldn’t block architectural details, shouldn’t dominate the appearance of the structure, and need to be placed wisely so they pose no harm to pedestrians. The outdoor signage guidelines from URA’s official website also state that business signages must adhere to the rules. Nevertheless, the authorities view every situation differently, and exceptions might be made.
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Information to be Displayed on Signages
According to the outdoor signage guidelines as discussed above, URA approaches each scenario uniquely, and in some situations, businesses are allowed to place small advertisements on their business signage. Nevertheless, there are several considerations that businesses should make while creating business or advertising signages in Singapore.
  1. Prior to creating signage, understand your audience and their needs. Businesses should be aware of their needs and desired outcomes.
  1. The signage must be attractive.
  1. Use textures and colours with strong contrast to draw attention and stand out in the crowd (if guideline allows).
You must take extra steps to capture the attention of visitors to historical sites and conserved areas because tourists don’t go there to enjoy advertisements.
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