Past Clients 2023 3rd Quarter

Verition Fund Management – Acrylic Signage
Iman Kindergarten & Childcare – Lightbox Signage
Incu Baker Shoppe- Large Format Printing
TD The Door – Lightbox Signage & Glass Sticker
SCSS Swiss Cottage Secondary School – Customized Signage
R – Lightbox Signage
静 & 忍 – Acrylic Signage
Aesthetic Bay – Large Format Printing
AVVE – 3D Acrylic Signage
NanYang Chefs Yong Tau Foo – Food Signage
Gillman Barracks – Large Format Printing
Lagoon Laundry – Large Format Printing
Neighbourhood – Large Format Printing
AcroMec Engineers – Boxup Signage
Large Format Printing
Venice 99 – System Signage
No Parking – Lightbox Signage
Grapple Max Pro Wrestling Studios – 3D Acrylic Signage
General Recognitions & Awards – Wall Sticker
Lockin – Boxup Signage
AMST (ASIA) PTE LTD – Acrylic SIgnage
ATA Event & Vacation Hub – Boxup Signage
Victor & Tings – Lightbox Signage
503 Elias Road – House Boxup Signage
Prime Taxi – System Signage
Cottage – Large Format Printing
Nikel – Acrylic Signage
SapPure Technologies – Boxup Signage
妙by Multiflora – Lightbox Signage
TaiWan Night Markets – Large Format Printing
DUP – Boxup & 3D Acrylic Signage
Ultra – Boxup Signage
Flash Auto Solutions – Lightbox Signage
Taiwan Night Markets – Pillar Wrap
Taiwan Night Markets – Large Format Printing
Lightbox Signage
Large Format Printing
Taiwan Night Markets – Large Format Printing
ParallelChain Lab – 3D Acrylic Signage
TD The Door – Glass Sticker
Lee Cooper – Large Format Printing
Rodd & Gunn New Zealand – 3D Acrylic Signage
Eightx Group – Boxup Signage
Powen Cars – Large Format Printing
Berry Beauty – 3D Acrylic Signage
Iman Kindergarten & Childcare – Lightbox Signage
Rudrakshaa Yogashala – Hanging Lightbox SIgnage
The Oriental Oats Valley – Boxup Signage
Hair & Eyelash Flamingo – System Signage
Rodd & Gunn New Zealand – 3D Acrylic SIgnage
Fashion One – Boxup Lightbox SIgnage
Endela Trading & MFG Pte Ltd – 3D Acrylic Signage
Soldering Process – Large Format Printing
Collaboration and Partnerships – Large Format Printing
NewAge Interior Design – Acrylic Signage
Daily Ground – Lightbox SIgnage
ThinkPlace – Acrylic SIgnage
SingHi – Food Signage
TaBao Takeaway- Customized SIgnage
Clinic – Lightbox SIgnage
Tray Return – Lightbox Signage
freshpod – 3D Acrylic Signage
Acestes Training Centre – Large Format Printing
DataCenter Academy Microsoft – Large Format Printing
Eye Story – Lightbox Signage
YeoMama Batik – System Signage
Infracrowd Capital – Large Format Printing
Thye Joo Pawnshop – Boxup Signage
Eye Story – Large Format Printing