How to Create Effective Signage in Singapore

Create Effective Signage

Have you ever walked on a street and got attracted by the fancy and creative signage and had the feeling of wanting to visit the shop? Effective signage can increase the footfall of the shops and lead sales, which effectively increases the business’s profitability. As a business owner, you might be curious about the secret behind the signage and creating a high presence in Singapore. Let’s continue reading to find out more about tips for creating effective signage for your business.

1. Use the appropriate fonts type and size

In making sure that the signage serves its function of advertising the business, effective signage possesses the characteristics to be able to read clearly even from a far distance effectively. This could ensure the business can be noticed and discovered even if there is a distance from the viewer, and this could expose the business to the fullest in Singapore. To fulfil this, the font size must be big enough. To ensure visibility, the letter height must be added to 1 inch for every 10 feet of distance. Besides, font types also affect the readability of the signage, fancy fonts might make the signage looks excellent, but the readability might be lower. It is good to keep the signage with simple fonts. Clear and easy-read signage would deliver your business to the viewer correctly within a few seconds and be more recognizable in Singapore.

2. Create clever contrast
Contrast is one of the elements that ensures effective signage that is more visible and with high readability. Colour contrast is the common one; a high-contrast colour combination must be applied in the signage design in Singapore. For instance, black on yellow. It would make the signage able to draw others’ attention easily and make your signage hard to miss out on the viewer. In contrast, if a non-contrast colour combination is used, it would make the viewer have difficulty focusing on the message delivered by the signage. The background of effective signage should not be closely similar to the colour of the text or the graphic, it will make them not legible to read and lose their effectiveness in advertising the business in Singapore.

3. Location

One key point in making effective signage in Singapore is to consider the signage location carefully. If the signage is placed in high traffic in Singapore, then the signage must be able to attract the passerby’s attention to avoid the message from missing out. A tip here is to bold the fonts or use eye-catching elements in the signage design. It would make the signage stand out from the competitors in Singapore. Eye-catching elements such as neon or illumination that appeal to be fancy are an attention drawer, especially at night. Besides, the proper placement can create effective signage in Singapore as well. Placing a sign on a building that is hard to see by the passerby is a kind of waste. The signage needs to be placed within eye level to reach its maximization in getting noticed. A sign placement below eye level or unlit areas would significantly reduce its effectiveness.

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4. Consult experts in designing the signage

To create effective signage, the primary purpose must be the ability to advertise the business in Singapore. The signage design is the key in affecting the first impressions of the business to the passerby. Due to that, consultation with signage professionals would get the business on the right track in advertising itself. Experts are enriched with years of experience that can make the signage outstanding and turn the ideas into reality.

Style Adv is an expert in custom signage making in Singapore and possesses years of experience that could assist in developing a unique and innovative signage design. We work for your signage step by step, from consultation to signage installation, and this would be your best experience in getting quality yet effective signage. Contact Style Adv to develop your effective business signage.

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