Past Clients 2022 4th Quarter

xuzhong – lightbox
mellow –  3D Acrylic Signage
fitness4smiles – large format printing
dosirak – Large Format Printing
dosirak – Lightbox
fruitfe – lightbox
awak – neon signage
vehetech – acrylic signage
gayseng – acrylic signage
smartech – acrylic signage
oldskoolbar – 3D boxup Signage
westpoint – lightbox
skyline – 3D boxup Signage
skyline – 3D boxup Signage
theimprint – lightbox
oldskoolbar – lightbox
pilcrow – lightbox
tasek jurong – lightbox
home central – neon signage
mama – neon signage
oldskoolbar – neon signage
double exposure – large format printing
tcl – large format printing
 sfic – 3D Acrylic
27 – house signage
Strides Automotive – acrylic signage
Xiao Ya Tou – NEON signage
Smile Enhancement- neon signage
Incube 8 – large format printing
Omnidesk – boxup backlit signage
Hype Cars – Boxup Backlit signage
chi he wan le 吃喝玩乐 – Neon signage
Slingshot – Customized 3D Boxup signage
Global Training Services – lightbox signage
Lux Avant Garde – Boxup Backlit signage
Elegant wellness hair spa – Lightbox signage – Lightbox signage
Arant Suites – Acrylic signage
11A – House signage
Large format printing
Fusion – 3D Acrylic signage
Dabao Takeaway – Lightbox signage
YouthLine – 3D Acrylic signage
Burgs- large format printing
SSSC 52nd Colours award – large format printing
Singapore korean international school – Basic signage
Skin Saqina- 3D Boxup Signage
Omni Impex Pte Ltd- Large Format Printing
Poinciana Employment Pte Ltd – Lightbox signage
Waterbright & Wilkins- Acrylic Signage
Web3 Connec+ – Large Format Printing
Yew Mei Fashion – Lightbox signage
Ensemble Music- basic signage
CC Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd- Lightbox signage
villa Conchi Cava – Basic signage
OPVS II- Lightbox signage
OPVS II- 3D Boxup Backlit and Neon signage
DELI – Large Format Printing
Mostro Tattoo – Lightbox signage
Flex Fitness – Large Format Printing
Flex Fitness – hanging lightbox signage
skyline luge – customized boxup signage
Maa Kin Thai Food – food signage
King – Neon signage
spectainer – Acrylic signage
Clearcorrect – Neon signage
Glow with Grace – Neon signage
Proplus Media & Ling Long E-Commerce – Acrylic signage
symrise – Boxup Backlit signage
Koh Curry Puff & Kueh – Lightbox signage
Sofee Initiative – Acrylic signage
emray – 3D Acrylic Boxup Lightbox signage
Channlyn Beauty Wellness – Lightbox signage
Barouv – Boxup Lightbox signage
Barouv –  Boxup BAcklit signage
Ite College East – Large Format Printing
Home Indulgence Studio – Hanging lightbox signage
Soon Huat (JB) Bak Kut Teh – System signage
Soon Huat (JB) Bak Kut Teh – Large Format Printing
No.12 – 3D Boxup Signage
ROTEC Singapore Pte Ltd – Acrylic Signage
Burgs – Food Signage
Norocos – 3D Acrylic Signage
DELI – Food Signage
Hiap Heng Auto – Lightbox Signage
Chilis Pizza – Neon Signage
iDiscover School – Lightbox Signage
1011 SipTea – Large Format Printing
The Air Station – system Signage
Arete – Hanging Lightbox Signage
Possibility – Neon Signage
Asia First Medical Clinic – Large Format Printing
banco Platform – 3D Acrylic Signage
leidos – Large Format Printing
Hey! Mee – Lightbox Signage
Neon Signage
Opah Corner – Lightbox Signage
Mieux Pte Ltd – Acrylic Signage
Mieux Pte Ltd – Boxup Backlit Signage
Traffic Police Deepavali Celebration – Large format Printing
Franklin Offshore – 3D Acrylic Signage
Dr.Joe Medical & Aesthetic – 3D Acrylic Signage
Food Lightbox SIgnage
Tock’s Performance Lab – 3D Acrylic Signage
Baan Chadar – Lightbox Signage
Joe & DOugh – 3D Acrylic SIgnage

PokeQPan Yakitori and Teppanyaki Bento – Lightbox Signage

Dr. Joe Medical & Aesthetic – Lightbox & 3D Acrylic Signage

Unstoppable Fitness – System SIgnage

Pasture Group – Lightbox Signage

iDiscover School – Large Format Printing

Kamigumi – 3D Acrylic SIgnage

Subsea – 3D Acrylic Signage

Association Of Rooms Division Executives – Large Format Printing

Bico – Acrylic SIgnage
Large Format Printing

Rsr Plumbing & Sanitary Engineering Pte. Ltd. – Lightbox Signage

Hong Kah North Eco Hub – Large FOrmat Printing
Chong Qing Grilled Fish – Boxup Signage
Luge Skyline – Customized Signage
Neon Signage
symrise- Boxup Backlit Signage
Singrow – 3D ACrylic Signage
Hair Studio Flamingo – Lightbox Signage
Good morning scones – 3D Acrylic Signage
Unique Group – Basic Signage
Unique Group – 3D Acrylic Signage
Nuovocorso BIG SLABS – Acrylic Signage
xinterra – 3D Acrylic Signage
Digital Connects Us – 3D Acrylic Signage
Global City Bullion – Large Format Printing
Better Together – Neon Signage
Regulation Asia & ESG Investor- Acrylic Signage
Food Signage Lightbox
Black Cherry – Large Format Printing
Black Cherry- Lightbox Signage
inAsia Media – Acrylic SIgnage
Adipoli Curry Pot – lightbox SIgnage
Brain Now – Hanging Lightbox Signage
Milagros de Montessori School – Lightbox SIgnage
Peon Generations (S) Pte Ltd – Acrylic SIgnage
Acrylic Signages
One Family Mart – Lightbox SIgnage
M+S Builder – 3D Acrylic SIgnage
SWC Corporation – 3D Boxup Signage
AMB – 3D Acrylic SIgnage
Merit Medical Systems (Shingo Model) – Acrylic SIgnage
Becca’s Beautique – Lightbox Signage
Alpha Simulation – 3D Acrylic Signage
Police (Exercise in Progress) – Customized Signage
Alpha Simulation – Acrylic House Signage
Maturo – Boxup Backlit Signage
elda – 3D Acrylic Signage
maidcity – Lightbox Signage
Jack Daniel’s – Neon Signage
ACE Wunderkind – Lightbox Signage
D’Dalvery- Boxup Signage
Ice Cream, Waffles, Coffee – Neon Signage
Indo Rampai – Lightbox Signage
Robey Seafood – Lightbox Signage
Helm Proman Methanol – Acrylic Signage
Aroma Coffee – Large Format Printing
City SUper zero – Large FOrmat Printing
INS Jewellery – Lightbox Signage
LittleSHop – Lightbox Signage
Eternal Life Baptist Church – Lightbox Signage
Eternal Life Baptist Church – Boxup SIgnage
Large Format Printing
Pilot – Boxup Signage
Lobby A – Acrylic Signage
Spice Delight – Boxup Lightbox Signage
Manna Pot Catering – Lightbox Signage
Kayumanees – Basic Signage
The White Tiffin – Lightbox Signage
Dumarks – 3D Acrylic Signage
Ang Mo Liang Teh Craft Beer Specialist – Neon Signage
Days 7 Thai Food – Lightbox Signage
Home Indulgence Studio – Large Format Printing
ST Engineering – 3D Acrylic Signage
Iron Mountain – Acrylic Signage
Charge – Boxup Signage
JK Sports Recovery TCM Centre – Lightbox Signage
JK Sports Recovery TCM Centre – Boxup BackLit Signage
Neural Connection – Lightbox Signage
Advisory Titans – Boxup Signage
Pizza Nation – Neon Signage
Autoduct – Boxup Signage
micro 2000 Group – Large format Printing
NCDCC – Acrylic Signage
Dr D Aesthetics Medical Clinic – Pillar wrap
micro 2000 Group – 3D Acrylic Signage
Unique Group – Acrylic Signage
Featherboc.Co – 3D Acrylic Signage
Boba Market – Large Format Printing
Innovez Engineering – System Signage
The Peranakan Association Singapore – Large Format Printing
Neon – Happy New Year 2023