Past Clients 2023 1st Quarter

nuovocorso – Acrylic Signage
metalor –  3D Boxup Signage
large format printing
Fish SOup – lightbox Signage
Ten Ten –  3D Acrylic Signage
Pink Pink Studio – Neon Signage
The Early Intervention Centre – Acrylic Signage
Allswell Medical CLinic –  Lightbox Signage
Allswell Medical Clinic – Large Format Printing
THREE. – Boxup Signage
CEO Sticker – Large Format Printing
Multi-Storey Carpark – System Signage
Hai Kee Seafood SOup – Lightbox Signage
SoPa – Boxup Signage
intwo – Boxup Signage
JM Ballet & Dance – Boxup Signage
Renewed Hope Education & Theraphy – Lightbox Signage
Underdog – Neon Signage
sfic Institute – Large Format Printing
JK Sports Recovery TCM Centre – Lightbox Signage
Yellow Room – Acrylic Signage
Metalor – Large Format Printing & Boxup SIgnage
Best Petrol & Shell – Acrylic Signage
Best Petrol & Shell – 3D Acrylic Signage
Best Petrol & Shell – System SIgnage
Bauer Foundations Singapore – 3D Acrylic SIgnage
The Mandarin Academy – Lightbox SIgnage
Brown RIce Paradise – Boxup SIgnage
Brown Rice Paradise – Lightbox SIgnage
Urban Tarven Event Space -Acrylic SIgnage
Wax Factor – Boxup SIgnage
Wax Factor – Large Format Printing
All Star Employment – 3D Acrylic SIgnage
Best Petrol & Shell – Backlit Boxup SIgnage
Rotary Engineering Pte Ltd -3D Acrylic SIgnage
Crois & Burgs -Large Format Printing & Acrylic SIgnage
BRI Singapore Branch – Boxup SIgnage
Ley Choon Group Chinese New Year 2023 – Large Format Printing
Mrs Pho – Neon Signage
Grab Coffee – Hanging Lightbox SIgnage
Grab Lunar New Year – Large Format Printing
Flex-Solver – 3D Acrylic Signage
Trifecta – Large Format Printing
StoryTeller, A Solo Exhibition David Pher – Large Format Printing
JR Werk Contractor Pte Ltd – Lightbox
Bites N beans – Boxup Signage
The Den of Dragon – Large Format Printing
Wavemaker – Large Format Printing
69 – Boxup House Signage
eye Story – Boxup Signage
SGFE SG Facade Engineering Pte Ltd – Acrylic Signage
55 Fifty Five Coffee Bar – Boxup Signage
LX Pantos – System Signage
DJDH Da Jia Dou Hao Pte Ltd – Large Format Printing
Illumia 1 – 3D Acrylic Signage
Manuport Logistics – Boxup Signage
HEXA Renewables – 3D Acrylic Signage
rofu – Boxup Signage
Ox Bone Soup – Lightbox Signage
Private Event Banner – Large Format Printing
Onn Wah – Boxup Signage
 Large Format Printing
Madame Monsieur – System Signage
Sing Hi – Lightbox food Signage
SMU – Large Format Printing
Pho Vietnam – Lightbox food Signage
Therapy & Assessment – Large Format Printing
Western Food – Food Menu Signage
Banyan Tree – Large Format Printing
Future Protein SOlutions -Boxup Signage
Jeya SPices – Lightbox Signage
High Commission of Malaysia Singapore – Boxup Signage
SK-II Ultimate Aura From Inside Out -Neon Signage
Omnidesk -Boxup Signage
Termite Specialist -Acrylic Signage
Hoarding Vinyl Sticker 
gelatolabo – Boxup Signage
The Outset – Neon Signage
Information Technology  – System Signage
The Snuggery  – Boxup Signage
Yi Ma Specialities Pte Ltd  – Food Menu Lightbox Signage
白蒂芬 – Boxup Signage
Recording In Progress – Lightbox Signage
Dapper Dogs – Boxup Signage
18 Treasure Island – House Boxup Signage
Gritech Pte Ltd – Acrylic Signage
Retro VIntage – Acrylic Signage
Security Lab – Neon Signage
International Sangha Dana 2023 – Large Format Printing
SHAN de Mariage 萱 – 3D ACrylic SIgnage
Gillman Barracks – Neon Signage
Mission Statement, Our Vision – Acrylic Signage
The White Tiffin – Large Format Printing
Sueno – Boxup Signage
burpple – 3D Acrylic Signage
Women’s Health Specialist – Boxup Signage
Wall Sticker
Dreymoor Fertilizers Overseas – Acrylic Signage