Acrylic Signage: Things You Should Know Before Installing

acrylic signage

As first impressions are so important, your public space should always be pristine. Using eye-catching acrylic signs to greet your clients, customers, or guests is one method to create a polished, professional, and coherent image.

Acrylic signs are visually appealing and can be printed in full colour with photographic quality, making them a cost-efficient and effective marketing tool for your company or delivering your specific message. Acrylic signs are an ideal choice for marketing your business, showing a company emblem, or separating rooms or offices. Let’s read here to find out more about acrylic signage.

What are Acrylic Signs?

Acrylic signs are constructed of a colourless, transparent, and long-lasting polymer that resembles the clarity of glass and is fashioned into plastic sheets. Acrylic is frequently selected over glass, which is naturally more fragile, due to its versatility, flexibility, robustness, and lightweight. Acrylic signs, which can be printed in a wide range of colours, give any space a clean, sophisticated appeal.

Acrylic can be personalised on either the front or back surface of the sign by printing directly onto its surface with UV ink. Simple letters, numbers, and symbols can be printed, or a full-color company logo or other picture or photograph can be used.

Acrylic may also be cut into three-dimensional logos, individual letters, numerals, or shapes, making for a unique approach to display a company logo or message.

Acrylic Signs Can Be Customized

acrylic signageCustomized acrylic signs, when created by specialists, may add a touch of refined sophistication to your business. Because acrylic is adaptable, designers can construct a wide range of shapes, including your logo and company name.

Custom designs are put to an opaque or translucent background on acrylic signs. The opaque background contrasts beautifully with the message’s and logo’s bright, glossy colours. Illuminated signs with translucent graphics usually have a transparent background.

Process is done on the front side of standard surface acrylic signs, giving them a matte finish. Acrylic signs with a second surface are printed from the back, giving them a uniform, glossy look.This is why acrylic signage is highly suggested if you want a sophisticated look for your place.

Lightweight and Durable

acrylic signage

When installed outside, acrylic outperforms other materials in terms of durability and weather resistance, lasting substantially longer than wood, metal, or glass. As a result, it’s a reasonable investment and a wise choice for long-lasting outdoor signage, even when exposed to the elements all year.

Acrylic’s endurance is one of its best qualities. The durable plastic material may not be as simply shattered as glass and is weather resistant, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor signs. Although acrylic is a durable material, it is much lighter than glass, making shipping and installation more convenient. It also reduces the chances of it falling and shattering. This is a huge benefit for a company that is fast developing and those whose workplace requirements are constantly changing.

Furthermore, acrylic outdoor signs also have the advantage of neither rusting or corroding. As a result, amid lengthy rains, acrylic signs are protected against rust. Acrylic signs, in fact, are both water and chemical resistant. Acrylic, unlike other materials, does not degrade when exposed to UV light.

Acrylic Sign Placementacrylic signage

Acrylic signs are best displayed when mounted on a clean, flat surface. Most often, custom acrylic signs include an option for pre-drilled holes and can be installed with traditional screws or aluminum or brushed nickel standoffs. Standoffs allow the sign to be displayed at a distance from the wall, creating a three-dimensional effect.

However, acrylic signs should be handled with caution because they are easily scratched and can shatter or chip when struck. Mounting with screws, employing a blind fastener system, pins, double-sided tape, and other methods are all options for installation.


Any type of business can benefit from acrylic signs. Acrylic signage can be found in a variety of places, including hotels, retail businesses, and restaurants. Also, name plates made of acrylic material are frequently found on desks or placed on walls in office buildings or doctor’s clinics. Acrylic is an excellent alternative if you need economical and long-lasting signage for your business.

If you are looking to install some brand-new signs throughout your business premises, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts today!


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