Traditional Neon vs LED Neon: What you need to know.

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Neon lighting is a popular choice for many businesses since it is bright, eye-catching, and always on-trend. LED neon lighting is an excellent alternative to classic neon lighting, whether you’re trying to achieve an 80s throwback vibe or a more contemporary look.

As a result of its versatility and ease of installation, LED neon signs increasingly replace classic glass neon lights in commercial settings. Now with the capability to swiftly develop custom-made designs and high-quality neon signage from scratch, without going through the time-consuming and inefficient traditional methods.

Which Is Better for Your Space: Traditional Neon or LED Neon Lighting?

Ever since the introduction of neon LED lights to the market, there has been a heated dispute about which is superior: glass neon lights or LED neon lights. Traditional neon lights offer a dazzling lighting effect that is exceptionally bright and brilliant. It nearly appears as if they are flashing at times.

However, even though the colours have a high CRI (colour rendering index), the brightness is not very high. This is especially true for neon glass lights that have a phosphor coating on the surface. The phosphor alters the colour of the light while also reducing its brightness, a process known as phosphorescence.

LED neon lights generate a continuous stretch of light with no gaps, spots, or shadows between the light segments. Although these neon lights have a higher luminance than glass neon lights, the effect makes them appear less striking bright colours in the pink and blue spectrums for the round gateway lighting.

Check out the following comparisons between LED neon  and traditional neon lights: 

  1. neon signage What is the light source?

The light source in a classic glass neon is provided by neon gas fluorescents. As an alternative to neon gas, LEDs use solid-state semiconductors, which save energy while also being more environmentally friendly.

1 – LED Neon, 0 -Traditional Neon 

  1. How long can they be used?

Because of its long life expectancy, glass neon used to be the de facto standard in the industry. However, as soon as LED technology became available, it was swiftly rendered obsolete. The typical life expectancy of a neon glass tube is 10,000 hours.

Compared to traditional neon lights, LED neon lights may provide brighten up your space for up to 30,000 hours or more. Thus, LEDs have a three-fold increase in life expectancy compared to conventional bulbs.

2 – LED Neon, 0 -Traditional Neon neon signage

  1. Which is the most durable of the two?

Nobody likes to have to replace their company’s signage as a result of an accident. Given that glass neon is incredibly delicate, it would likely be broken if you dropped the sign. The PVC used to manufacture LED neon products makes them flame retardant and able; as a result, they are unlikely to break even if the sign is dropped.

3 – LED Neon, 0 -Traditional Neon 

  1. Which one is less difficult to install and customise?

LED neon lights are extremely simple to install. Even a rookie technician could install them, such as a business owner who takes pride in doing some of their repairs. In addition, they are incredibly versatile and may be cut, bent, and sculpted to fit almost any figure. On the other hand, glass neon requires the expertise of a master artisan with extensive experience in the fields of manufacture, development, and installation.

3 – LED Neon, 0 -Traditional Neon 


Team LED Neon Wins!

There is little doubt about which is the superior choice in the comparison between glass neon and LED neon. While investing in LED lighting will take an initial expenditure, you will rapidly realise that your investment pays for itself when you have fewer replacements, lower running expenses, and more attention from prospective customers than you did before.

There are plenty of compelling reasons on both sides, but we’ll leave it up to you to make your conclusion based on the information we provide.

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