Choose Brand Colour and Apply it Wisely on Your Signage

brand colour

Colour plays an essential role in branding and logo design. Choosing the right colour for your brand helps you with the branding strategy as it has a significant impact on decision-making.

For example, when you think of Starbucks, you think of green and when you think of McDonald’s, you think of yellow arches. These brand colours are used throughout the branding. You can see not only in Singapore, Starbucks’ logo, signages, store, employee uniforms, product packaging, etc. can be seen everywhere in their brand colour, green.

Sometimes, customers don’t even know what your product or service is about and rely on brand colours to decide if they want to engage and learn more about your brand. Therefore, properly chosen colours can define your brand values, strengthen and support your brand positioning, as well as increase awareness and brand recognition.

Here are some key points used when choosing brand colour:

1. Colours Communicate Emotions

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Different colours can elicit specific emotions and affect people in many different ways. If you hope to cultivate a strong emotional connection with your customer, choosing the right brand colours are essential to cultivate the right emotions and convey your brand concept to your target audience.

For example, red is associated with excitement, appetite, and energy, which can lead to impulsive behaviour while yellow conveys optimism and is associated with playfulness and happiness. Therefore, both of these colours are used in the fast food industry to stimulate consumption. As we know, KFC, McDonald’s, and Burger King used these colours as their brand colours.

2. Reach Your Target Audience

Colours also help in relaying a certain message to a particular audience group. For instance, women usually resonate with soft and paler colours while men prefer bold and solid colours. Hence, grasping target audience’s preference and using the appropriate brand colour will help you attract their attention effectively. Collecting insights on the preferred colour of your target audience in Singapore will definitely assist you in creating impressive branding for your business.

(Style Adv Product: Light Box Signage for Dr Joe Medical & Aesthetic)

3. What Colour Does Your Competitor Use

You are also advised to do research on your direct or indirect competitors in Singapore before choosing a brand colour. Knowing the strategy of which brand colours they use and what effect they bring can help you decide on brand colours.

What colours are commonly used in what fields? What are the stories these colours tell and the emotions they evoke? Do different colour combinations bring different effects? These are some questions that you should consider.

Of course, you can also choose to not use the common colour of your industry in Singapore. Using some bold and unconventional colours to differentiate yourself from other competitors in Singapore is another strategy. A unique brand colour helps you stand out from the crowd of competitors in Singapore. However, be careful when using these unconventional colours in your branding. It is trendy to use unconventional colour schemes, make sure it works for your brand and conveys your message appropriately.

(Style Adv Product: Backlit Letters Signage for Symrise)

4. Meet Requirements

When choosing your brand colours, it is important to ensure that the brand colours match the message you want to convey to your target audience, your brand personality traits and how you want your target audience to feel.

Is the brand personality you want to convey to your target audience serious, playful, or calm? Do you want your customers to feel confident, positive or energized after using your product? These issues all determine the choice of brand colours.

For example, children’s TV station Nickelodeon boldly uses bright orange, which is childlike, bold, and bright as a brand colour. At the same time, orange also expresses vitality, creativity and adventurous spirit. This is consistent with the adventurous spirit and creativity of youthful vitality in the children’s programs produced by TV stations.

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