How to Choose an Outdoor Business Signage in Singapore

Outdoor Business Signage

Outstanding signage is one of the best ways to increase your business’s exposure to the public, and outdoor business signage is a must to capture passersby’ attention more effectively, spreading your brand’s messaging to anyone driving or walking by them. But, what are the criteria that need to be considered when choosing outdoor business signage in Singapore? If you’re a business owner, keep reading to find out how to choose outdoor business signage in Singapore.

1. Withstand the weather in Singapore

Singapore is situated near the equator, and therefore it has a tropical climate, with abundant rainfall, high and uniform temperatures, and high humidity all year round. Due to that, outdoor business signage in Singapore must possess the ability to withstand these climates. Heavy rain can cause moisture to accumulate on your outdoor business signage, and moisture or water will cause your signage to rust and affects the fascinating appearance of your outdoor business signage in Singapore. Hence, it is important that your outdoor business signage is waterproof to eliminate the chances of rusting. In addition, direct sunlight would negatively impact your outdoor business signage too. Your outdoor signage needs to withstand the harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun, as it can break down the chemical bonds and fade out the colour of your outdoor signage. This means that your outdoor business signage must be resistant to UV rays.

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2. Colour

Colour is an essential criterion that can always keep your outdoor business signage looking fancy and eye-catching in Singapore. The colour of your signage influences people’s first impressions of your brand and affects their behaviour towards your brand and business. Due to that, keeping your outdoor business signage properly and colourfully displayed is the secret to a fascinating signage in Singapore. To ensure the colours on the signage do not fade easily, you should consider seriously where the signage is to be placed. Protecting your outdoor business signage from direct sunlight is vital to ensure brilliant pigmentation on the signage because high temperatures often exacerbate the colour’s fading, with no colour taking more of a beating than red; red pigments fade faster than other colours.

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3. Safe installation

  Outdoor signage is often placed at crowded spots, such as entrances so it can be noticed by the passers-by and potential customers, but don’t forget to install your signage correctly and safely. A safe and professional signage installation will ensure that your signage can stay in place for a longer period, and signage will not fall off easily, making sure that your customers or passersby are free from injury. We’ve all read news about how improper installation of outdoor signage would put the safety of passersby at risk, in which it might fall off and accidentally hit them. To sum up, there are strong reasons why you should place your signage outdoor in a more elevated location, but a safe installation is a must to practise.

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These criteria would help you to choose the best outdoor business signage for your business in Singapore. If you would like to have outdoor signage in Singapore, it is recommended to consult signage maker experts in Singapore, such as Style Adv.

Style Adv is an expert in custom signage making in Singapore and possesses years of experience that could assist in developing a unique and innovative signage design. Style Adv provides you with specialized customization experiences in Large Format Printing, PVC Stage Backdrop, Wall Mural, Banner Printing, Display Standee, and installing Lightbox, Sign Board, 3D Signage, Acrylic Display and Signages. We work for your signage step by step, from consultation to signage installation, and this would be your best experience in getting quality yet effective outdoor business signage in Singapore.

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