Things to Consider Before Getting an Indoor Signage

Indoor Signage

Thing to Consider #1: Signage Design

The design of signage is significant (the colour of the sign, the size, the icon, the shape, etc.). You have to understand the culture of Singapore in order to optimise the design.

a. Less is more. Keep your signage simple and to the point. It is difficult for customers to grasp key information effectively and quickly from a complicated signage design.
b. Use pictures and icons instead of words to convey your message. You can also choose familiar icons, images, and shapes that are suggested to use in order to better transfer information to customers. For example, malls or stores in Singapore suggest using some icons or images that can be commonly seen in Singapore and are familiar to Singaporeans.

c. Suggested bold, san-serif fonts to maintain the legibility of letters.

If you’re still unsure about your signage design, you may engage the signage experts at Style Adv, a local signage maker in Singapore with over 10+ years’ experience.

Things to Consider #2: Signage Placement

Indoor signages are often used to provide information about business, products, or policies. Before placing the signage, ask yourself – Is your target customer seeking information, navigation, or exploration? You must understand customer behaviour, which helps determine the types of signage that should be placed in different areas. By understanding what customers want in a store and the best place to receive information, the signage placement can be optimized to improve the look and feel.

Still not sure where to place your signage indoors? Here are some tips on where to place your signage indoors in your shop or office!

a. Place at an easy viewing position (simple sightlines, fewer cluttered areas)
b. Most signages are placed in the lobby


Indoor Signage

  (Style Adv Product: Boxup Signage for Metalor)

c. Place signage at a location that matches the message conveyed in the signage

Indoor Signage(Style Adv Product: Large Format Printing for Unique Group)

d. Signage can be placed at entry, exit, or behind the counter. Signage behind the counter often provides customers with additional information about your business. Moreover, logo signage may be placed at the office reception for visitors to identify your company.


Indoor Signage

  (Style Adv Product: Logo Boxup Sigage for Brown Rice Paradise)

e. You can put your signage on the walls.

Indoor Signage

  (Style Adv Product: 3D Letter Signage for ST Engineering Mission Software & Services)

In summary, an excellent signage design coupled with the appropriate signage placement strategy will optimize the final result for your store or office. We hope these signage tips from Style Adv are useful for you. If you encounter trouble with your indoor signage in Singapore, feel free to contact Style Adv for free consultation!

As a signage-making expert with many years of experience in Singapore, Style Adv provides specialized customization experiences in Large Format Printing, Banner Printing, Lightbox Signage, Basic Signage, 3D Signage, 3D Acrylic Signages, etc.


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