How to Apply for an Outdoor Advertising Sign or Signboard Licence from BCA Singapore

Apply for an Outdoor Advertising Signboard Licence

Outdoor advertising signboards can be placed strategically to reach a broad audience, raise brand awareness, and can be cost-effective in Singapore. However, before you display an outdoor advertising signboard for your business in Singapore, you must possess a valid licence from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

The BCA is an agency under the Singaporean Ministry of National Development, that encourages and facilitates the development of buildings, structures and infrastructure in Singapore. Hence, BCA regulates the display of outdoor advertising signs and signboards to prevent the proliferation of unsightly signs which may mar the streetscape. The Singapore government hopes to maintain the city’s aesthetic appeal and ensure that the signage does not obstruct public views or create safety hazards for pedestrians and motorists.

Be aware!
1. According to BCA, the term “outdoors” refers to:
Any roofed space that is not fully enclosed on all sides; and

Facilitates the flow of general pedestrian traffic or is accessible to the public.

2. Before you apply to BCA for a sign licence, ensure that:
a. Your proposed advertising sign or signboard complies with the relevant sign licence guidelines and requirements.

b. You have the relevant documents and approvals to accompany your application.

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How to apply for the licence
Step 1: Register for an Advertisement Licensing System (ALS) account
Step 2: Submit your proposal to BCA for consultation and evaluation
  • Submit proposal online via ALS, together with the documents required for application
  • An in-principle approval will be granted, if all the requirements are met

Step 3: Apply for a Permit To Use, where applicable
  • Log into CORENET e-Submission System to apply for Permit To Use and submit in ALS
Step 4: Formal application
  • Applicants must make payment during Formal application before BCA can grant the applicant the licence.
Step 5: Make payment for the application fee
  • After payment verification, the applicant will receive the soft copy licence by email.
Step 6: Additional information
  • If all of the required documents are in order, it usually takes BCA 7 working days to assess an application.
  • An additional two weeks are required if the proposal is to be evaluated by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).
  • No changes are permitted during the formal application process.


Licence Application Fee

*Each business premise is qualified for a one-time aggregate five metre square signboard exemption. The exemption may be considered upon submission of the declaration form during the online consultation via Advertisement Licensing System (ALS).

**All advertisements/directional signs/banners up to one metre square in size are classified as small advertisements.

The minimum chargeable period of the licence is one month, subject to a minimum fee of $20.00.

If the licence period exceeds one month, the remaining time will be pro-rated to the following month. For instance, 5 May to 4 June is considered one month, whereas 5 May to 5 June is considered two months.

Use the free calculator to estimate your licence fee here.


Permit to use fee


Why is compliant signage important to your business in Singapore?

Compliance with these regulations is crucial for businesses, as non-compliance can result in legal consequences. The Singapore government has the authority to issue fines, revoke permits, or take legal action against businesses that violate these regulations. These legal consequences can be expensive and can harm a business’s reputation.

Moreover, non-compliant signage in Singapore can also result in damage to the business’s reputation. Customers may perceive businesses that violate regulations as unprofessional and irresponsible, leading to a loss of trust and loyalty.

In summary, by complying with the regulations on outdoor advertising signage in Singapore, businesses can avoid legal consequences and maintain their reputation at the same time ensuring that their marketing efforts are effective and well-received by the public.

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