Aluminium – 2023 Singapore Top Choice for Signage

Aluminium signage in Singapore

Aluminium is a silver-white light metal that is soft and malleable. This makes it a suitable material to make signage. Aluminium signage can be seen indoors or outdoors, such as shop signages, wayfinding signs, car parks, and industrial units. Wondering why aluminium signage is a top choice for businesses in Singapore in 2023? Read more to find out its advantages!

(Style Adv Product: Aluminium Signboard used outdoor in Singapore)


1. Lightweight

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Aluminium’s strong and very light properties make it an excellent choice for large signage materials. A large aluminium signage requires no special accessories or tools to install and handle. In addition, its firmness makes it durable and not easy to deform and will not split and break even in bad weather. Therefore, it is the top-choice material for many large signages in Singapore.

2. Versatility and plasticity

Versatility and plasticity are the important considerations for choosing signage type in Singapore. Aluminium can be easily moulded into any shape or size or extruded, thereby giving it an edge over the other materials when manufacturing the signage. Therefore, aluminium signage is not only used indoors but also popular as outdoor signage such as channel letters and solid plaques. It’s sturdy enough to last for several years without damage, making it ideal for outdoor signage in Singapore.

3. Cost Saving

(StyleAdv Product: Aluminium Light Box Signage for Hair Studio Flamingo)

Aluminium does not wear or scratch and is rust-resistant, especially when it is coupled with UV-resistant ink. Hence, outdoor aluminium signage can help you solve maintenance and repair problems, that typically will cost you a bomb.

4. Eco-friendly

Compared to plastic, which can be recycled only a few times, aluminium can be recycled over and over again without compromising quality. Therefore, the use of this eco-friendly signage material instead of plastic signage material not only reduces waste but also reduces environmental damage. For brands in Singapore that promote the concept of sustainable business operations, eco-friendly signage is essential to you. Eco-friendly signage also enhances the image of enterprises among consumers in Singapore.

5. Professional look

After brushed, polished or mirror treatment, your aluminium signage will look professional and advanced because of the special lustre of the metal. Whether sculpted, digitally printed, anodized or powder-coated, aluminium signage can give a satisfying look and adorn your store or office.

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