Things to Consider Before Getting Neon Signs

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Neon signage has over the years proven effective, specifically for businesses that operate round the clock. In this visual and social media era, neon sign is a must for cafes and restaurants to stand out among the competitors. 80% of IG-worthy locations have neon lights! Imagine that your business appear on a KOL’s social media, you will get traffic without spending big bucks on publicity. 

This unique advertising tool draws customers to your store or establishment both day and night. This is something the conventional printed or painted signs lack. Furthermore, the use of business neon signs as an advertising tool has some well-documented benefits.

However, there are several things that you should get right from the get-go. These are a list of things that you need to consider before getting the eye-catching trendy neon signs at your storefront.

#1 Stability 

Neon tubes are delicate and demand a specific level of care. You have to put in extra care when installing the neon sign. Without proper installation, there will be a lack of stability and the sign might sway in the wind or stand awkwardly. If unchecked, it eventually falls and causes significant damage. Besides safety issue, unstable signs also give the wrong impression on both your existing and prospective customers. Such an image indicates age and unprofessionalism.

You can consider mounting the neon sign on a stable frame like metal. It helps the sign to go up and stay on location for up to a decade or more. 

Neon Sign for Gorgeous Hair Studio

#2 Design

As a business owner, you want to bring out the personality of your business using neon signs – trendy, modern, fun and more. The choice of colours and shapes are things that you should spend time and effort to decide because a shoddy design will cost you business.

No one except you will know best the impression you want your business to make to prospective customers. You are encouraged to personally come up with a design that accurately represents your business or brand. However, if you lack the skills to design a custom sign that genuinely stands out, some sign makers do provide in-house custom design service.

Neon Logo Sign for Popcura

“The World’s Strongest Truffle Chips” for Aroma Truffle

#3 Location

The location of your neon sign matters a lot and could determine just how effective it is in influencing people to walk in and have a look.

Tip #1: The distance has to be just right. Put up your neon sign a reasonable distance from your store entrance. Right after seeing the beauty of the blinking lights, a passerby immediately tries to locate your front door.

Tip #2: Always go for a spacious, clearly visible location, one that makes it easy even for a stranger to locate your premises right after seeing the sign.

Tip #3: Take time and survey the area, mapping the angles to identify the best possible location for your business neon sign.

Read more about how to create an attractive and impactful signage here.

Neon Sign for Ice-cream Shop

The principal idea of advertising is to display business names and brands in a visible and captivating manner. For all their beauty and glamor, business neon signs are a delicate advertising tool. 

We hope the above guidelines helps you get a good neon sign. Get a proper design that accurately represents your business. In addition, observe the size, such that your sign template displays everything well. Last but not least, have a decent idea on what you want the passerby to see; a stable lit display, a blinking one, or both in alternation. 

If you’re unsure how to choose a great neon signage for your business, contact Style Adv and our experienced team will provide FREE expert advice and let you know the price of your dream signage.

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