How to Attract People into Your Stores Post-Circuit Breaker


In Apr 7 to June 1 2020, Singapore went into a nationwide lockdown as the “circuit breaker”. Non-essential stores were forced to close temporarily, when the government took decisive action to stem the spread of community infections. One year later, here we are again.

Although many retailers didn’t manage to survive through the pandemic, there are also newcomers as well as existing brands took a leap of faith and set up shop or expanded.

So the question is, how can your business stand out in this very challenging time? How are you going to drive footfall to your shops, restaurants, food stalls or offices? 

Right, you might have come up with marketing campaigns, promotions, or special products and deals to encourage the customers to spend. But how are you planning to attract their attention at the first place?

Our suggestion: SIGNAGE! First impression lasts, so make it count 😉

Read on to find out how you should utilise SIGNaGES to attract attention!
#1 Neon Signage

Classic neon still signs evoke an era of fast cars and a slower pace of life in the cities of the like of Las Vegas, Tokyo and Hong Kong streets in the 1950s, and even till today. It takes meticulous craftsmanship to bend the neon glass tubes using heat and with the appropriate amount of glue to form a neon sign to represent any brand. 

Suggestion: Choose neon signs if you want to portray your business or brand likes as fun, positive or chill—directly spreading happy vibes to anyone who sees the lit signs. This is also the reason why almost all IG-worthy places have neon signs!

Spice things up with fully-customisable neon sign.

#2 PVC BAnner

PVC Banner is the most straightforward method to send a message to passers-by. It is highly customisable, which means you can easily include any product photos and informations on it.

Need to advertise a special deal or new product? Perhaps, a banner can aid you to get your message across to your audience.

Wanna highlight the latest arrivals or upcoming events? A banner can grab passers-by’s attention and read what’s on it.

Suggestion: PVC banners are perfect for businesses which require to move from place to place – such as online business for pop-up stores, food stalls or even touring theatre groups. Our clients often use them for exhibitions, events or conferences. 


Pillar wrap is one of the most underrated methods. Create an attractive, eye-catching design and display it in a location where a large number of people can see it, and you’ll connect your business to dozens of potential customers.

High resolution printing is a must to ensure the quality and clarity of the content. Experienced crew is needed to perform the installation perfectly.

Suggestion: If your business is in retail malls or commercial buildings, we strongly encourage you to advertise using pillar wrap because it is really effective in driving traffic.


In short, utilise signage to create maximum impact for your business and event! In the era of pandemic, businesses have to try several ways to attract footfall and signages is undoubtedly one of the must-dos. 

If you’re unsure how to create a great signage or marketing collateral, contact Style Adv and our experienced team will provide FREE expert advice. We provide one-stop services from on-site measurement, custom design to delivery and installation – find out more about our services here!

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