The Top Choice Signage by Business Owners and CEOs


Choosing signage for your business is not an easy task, especially if you’re a first-timer.

What material should I choose? Is this material weatherproof? Is it cutomisable? What’s the turn-around time? Will it help to attract customer?

Fret not – this article will reveal the #1 signage that is favoured by most business owners and leaders and WHY you should consider getting it too.

Acrylic, also known as Plexiglass, is one of the most popular sign materials for corporate offices. From upscale law offices, advertising firms, and high-end boutiques to swanky restaurants and hotels, acrylic has become the “go-to” sign material for various businesses in different industries. 

If you are looking for a versatile signage option that will make a fantastic first impression, we highly recommend ACRYLIC. Read on as we share with you the benefits and value of using acrylic for your office, commercial buildings, shops or restaurants. 

Custom 3D Acrylic Logo Sign for Hepmil Creators’ Network

#1 Acrylic looks remarkably professional 

This shiny plastic offers a classy, super-sleek, professional look that business owners appreciate. The high gloss exterior behind a well-designed logo displays such elegance! Undoubtedly, acrylic signs grab a lot of attention and create a lasting impression in the mind of the most refined client, no matter the acrylic is a pigment-rich, brilliant color, clear or frosted. 

Custom 3D Acrylic Logo & Letters Sign for Seedly

#2 stunning Specialty finishes

Some people might not be satisfied with the sleek, shiny surface and they opt for specialty finishes! For an exceptionally attractive sign, you can add a metal finished backer to the clear acrylic, showcasing a brushed or mirror finished silver or gold through the clear surface. As a result, these adds a touch of class to the completed sign. 

3D Acrylic Directory Sign

3D Acrylic Sign for Tutelage

#3 not costly

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Acrylic signs may look incredibly expensive, but they won’t break the bank. This material is a high quality plastic with lots of attractive qualities. As a matter of fact,  plastic is quite affordable, compared to wooden signs, and signs made of composite material. You get the look of sophistication without the lofty price.

#4 corporate look

Acrylic signs are often mounted with polished or brushed silver or gold hardware like standoffs and screw caps. They add both dimension and flair to corporate signs, to achieve a very distinguished, “corporate” look.  Using gold and silver hardware to mount your acrylic signs speaks volumes, it gives your business a very refined and impressive appearance to your clients!

#5 versatile

Acrylic can be custom cut to virtually any size and any shape including contour cut logos. Adding custom lighting to an acrylic sign, like backlit, frontlit etc,  is one of the clients’ favourite to grab attention. In addition, shiny and smooth edges can be created to make a very attractive sign. Besides, beveling the edges adds a dimensional effect and gives the sign a very formidable look. Look, so much can be done with this high-quality material!

3D Acrylic Sign for SIA Engineering Company

3D Laser Cut Acrylic Sign for Mazars Singapore

When it comes to “corporate quality” signage, acrylic is your best choice. It “shines” in your business establishments and gives the sophisticated corporate look. It’s attractive, affordable, high-quality and easy to maintain. If you want to impress your clients, choose acrylic – the “go to” sign material for CEOs and business owners!

If you’re unsure how to choose a great signage for your business, contact Style Adv and our experienced team will provide FREE expert advice. We provide one-stop services from on-site measurement, custom design to delivery and installation – find out more about our services here!

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