Tips to Create Attractive and Impactful Signage to Grab Attention

Looking for ways to get your business noticed? Think big. Professional business signs help cut through the noise in busy settings, whether you have a shop on a bustling street or a booth at a crowded trade show. To avoid being an annoying advertising in a street corner,

here is a list of what makes an attractive and impactful signage:
#1 Quality Printing

Treat attention to details as a priority. Vibrant quality prints make your signage stand out whether it is indoor or outdoor. Superior quality printing makes a great impression to your customers about your company.

At Style Adv, our professional team uses the latest technology and print management infrastructure.

#2 Great Logo Design

Done right, grand format signage transforms any development project, construction site or event into the perfect branding opportunity! Put your brand front and center when choosing the colors and fonts. Make your signage recognizably and undeniably yours.

In addition, stick to the same fonts, colour schemes and tone across your signage. This way, people recognise your projects without even needing to read, that means you’ve gotten into their heads!

For example, Don Don Donki logo and we’re honoured to be their signage maker in Singapore! 

#3 Add Lighting

There are numerous options through which you can illuminate or lighten your surroundings, like with light boxes, dramatic LED signs and also with mounted lighting fixtures, that can help in improving the readability of the signs during night time. Besides, with the correct lighting, you can actually advertise and promote your business throughout the day and night. 

Lightbox Signage for office

If you’re still unsure how to create a great signage for your business or event, contact Style Adv and our experienced team will provide FREE expert advice! We provide one-stop services from on-site measurement, custom design to delivery and installation – find out more about our services here.

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