Why You Need a Great Signage for Your Business and Event

Capture Attention

Great signage can quickly elevate your business and attract passing customers. It is a vital part of advertising and has been for centuries. Eye-catching signage can certainly help drive footfall. Especially once the high street re-opens and many businesses will be eager to hear those tills ringing again.

The great news is that there are a lot of different options that can give your business a competitive advantage. Whether you operate in hospitality, retail, education or food & beverage, there are some amazing signages both indoors and outdoors.

3D Acrylic Box for Aroma Truffle

Large Format Signboard for James Cook University Singapore

Communicate Your Message

Signboards can be used to highlight special offers in-store or direct people to conveniences. It could also show off your daily specials if you run a restaurant. Or point people to your help desk or reception if you have an office.

Good signage is an effective marketing tool and can make a huge difference to footfall in many different ways. Investing now and updating your signage not only gives you a competitive advantage but also helps keep your business in the mind of customers and builds long-term brand awareness.

Food Signage for Fong Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice

Window Display for Believer Music

Stand Out from Competitors

This is the time to step outside and take a look at your competitors and what they are doing when it comes to signage. How will your design compare? What can you add to make yourself more visible?

If you’re surrounded by big corporate players you may, for example, want to distinguish yourself as something different – aiming your signage at people who are looking to spend their money with small businesses or niche establishments.

Trendy Neon Signage for Gorgeous Hair Studio

Creative Neon Signage with Coconut Pin

If you’ve been racking your head to design a creative, trendy and attractive signage or banner, contact Style Adv and our experienced designer will work out something with you!

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