Guide for Signage Installation in Singapore – How to DIY?

Some business owners prefer to DIY and manage the installation of a signage by themselves, in order to save costs. Here's a guideline on how to install it.

Business signs are the easiest way for your customers to spot you from the street. Undoubtedly, it’s a must if you are starting a new business, or undergoing rebranding for your business.

Over the period of 10 years of our signage business, we have met various types of customers.  Some business owners trusted us with the process of signage making and installation, because they figured that it’s best to leave it with the professionals and spend their time on other business aspects. However, there are also some who would like to save some costs and do the installation themselves. If you’re the latter one, make sure you read on!

Before learning how to install a signage, here are some tips on choosing WHERE to install your signage. 

  1. Check with BCA to find out if you will need a license for the signage or outdoor ads.
  2. Place indoor signs at eye level or at other locations to which your eye is naturally drawn. This is to ensure maximum visibility.
  3. Calculate the view distance for the sign. You want to make sure that it will be visible from building or street entrance.
  4. Make sure that there is no obstacles like trees or street poles blocking your signs.
  5. For signboard, place it at the optimal height. Generally, the higher the placement, the more angles you should be able to view it from.
  6. The best way to test a location is is to place with a proof that is made to scale at the exact spot and angle to check its legibility.

There are different ways to mount a signage, depending on the type and size of the signage. Some can be done via DIY, while some requires professional techniques. Read on to find out which signage you should choose for DIY.


Do-it-yourself installation:

These signages require little to no skill or effort. They are super easy to set. In addition, you can move and reinstall them easily as well.

  1. Pull Up Banners
  2. Foam Boards
  3. A-stand

Unfortunately, most of the impressive and outstanding signage will require techniques and tools from professional installers. Below are some examples of what we’ve done for our customers:

Professional installation:
  1. 3D Acrylic Signage
  2. 3D Boxup Signage
  3. LED Neon Signage
  4. Lightbox Signage

The good news is Style Adv provides one-stop solution for signage services, from on-site measurement, custom design to delivery and installation! We ensure that our customers get the best service by communicating ideas and feedback with them. In addition, we use modern and advanced technology and tools to deliver premium quality signages.

Using signs the right way can revolutionize the way you do business. This is one of the reasons why it’s vital to seek expert advice. Handling design and installation yourself can help to save costs, but there is a certain level of risk of not getting it done professionally.

Hiring a good signage company is essential to getting the best results for your business.  Contact us today to get a FREE consultation and quote. We look forward to work with YOU hand in hand to GROW together!