This is Why You Need Neon Signage for Your Shop in Singapore

neon signage Singapore

Neon signage has an instantly recognisable appearance and is frequently used as inspiration in the artwork. Neon has an unmistakable effect on people, which may be why more and more business owners are returning to neon as a signage choice. Since neon signage first came on the market in the 1950s and 1960s, they have grown to become one of the greatest lighting alternatives in terms of affordability and ROI.

For many small businesses, neon signs can be a one-of-a-kind marketing solution. Because of its vivid colours, low cost, and high capacity to attract clients, neon signage has been utilised as a technique of business promotion for decades. If you are thinking about putting signage for your Singapore business, here are some reasons why you might consider neon signage:

neon signage Singapore


Customized neon signage is just as strong and durable as any other neon signage, and they already have long lifespans. A well-built and well-maintained neon sign will normally serve your business for a decade, but with proper care, from development to installation and upkeep, you can possibly make it last even longer. That’s a lot better than sending an employee up a ladder twice a year to replace bulbs in traditional exterior signage. It’s also a lot safer, depending on the weather and who’s willing to climb the ladder.

Highly visible 

Neon can help businesses boost their visibility and brand recognition. The brilliance of neon is what makes it not only attractive to the eye but also visible in all weather conditions, including fog and darkness. A neon signage is one way to ensure that your business shines out at all hours of the day because the human eye is naturally drawn to light. If you are a small business wanting to get traction, a neon signage can help you.


Utility expenses are a necessary expense for any business, and lowering them will increase profitability. The energy bills are an important part of the utility bills. One significant advantage of neon is that it is extremely energy efficient. Neon signs consume more than half the amount of electricity that modern signs do.

Furthermore, neon lights do not employ filaments in the same way that conventional bulbs do. The neon lights are always cool to the touch and rarely, if ever, overheat. To conserve the environment, there is an urgent need to consume less energy and switch to more energy-efficient sources. As a result, in addition to earning more money, you will also be helping to conserve the environment.

neon signage Singapore


You’ve probably gotten a sense of the variety of colours, styles, and forms available. Nevertheless, even if you don’t think you’ll ever need the versatility of custom neon signage, you might have to. Municipal building laws and state regulations, as well as limitations imposed by your property management or building owner, may imply stipulations and criteria with which your signage must comply. Because of the versatility and flexibility of neon signage, you can adhere to the standards that apply to your area while still standing out, whereas your neighbours may be scratching their heads as to how to make flat signage work.

Custom your neon signage with Style Adv today 

First and foremost, neon signs attract attention. They do this even while the sun is still shining. Because of their tremendous exposure, they were highly popular. A neon sign is a work of art that can serve as a landmark for your company. The signage is attractive, vibrant, and indicative of your company, making them an easy method to identify it.

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